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Book Editing Services

Logotecture is now offering editing services for authors as a by appointment service through a subcontractor. 

Please be aware that editing is a time consuming process and that, therefore is best to inquire early to ensure availability. Pricing is reviewed as the project progresses, and if any additional charges are necessary you will be informed in advance.

Copyediting / Line Edit Services

Your manuscript will be reviewed for correct spelling, grammar, syntax, and basic style and formatting issues to make it as smooth and professional a read as possible. Some of the most advanced editing software toolkits will be used to quality-check all edits and ensure you don't publish a book with typos or bad sentence structure.

flat rate of $0.01 per word

Alpha Reading

Your work will be given a top-level plot, character, theme, pacing, and language review, making suggestions for where the story could be improved. This will not be merely a report filled with notes; but a more interactive approach involving discussions with you about what it is that you hope to accomplish with your writing and work with you to pinpoint ways to better reach your goal.

Short fiction (<8k words): $50 flat fee.
Novelettes (8k-17k words): $100 flat fee
Novellas (17k-40k): $200 flat fee
Novels (40k-100k): $300 flat fee
Epic novels (>100k): $20/hour of reading time plus a flat $200 fee

Full Content Editing

This is a combination of the Copy Editing and Alpha Reading Services above.

You'll get both the grammarian and the writing adviser as outlined above.

After the alpha reading, you will be given  an opportunity to make changes and, when you're ready, your revised draft will be reviewed for grammar and style.

Pricing is the same as the separate services above, less 10 percent.