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Handling Typos In Your Manuscript

Typos in your manuscript happen. No matter how many times it gets edited, there always seems to be something that falls through the cracks. Thankfully, when you self-publish or go through a small indie publisher, it’s actually easy to get changes to your book implemented so that future readers can get the corrected version when they buy your book.

When Logotecture does your book formatting, we can also handle fixing those typos you’ve found. But to make the process as quick as possible, you, as the author or publisher, must point out these typos in a way that makes it easier for us to find them in the manuscript and correct them.

Here’s what you need to do…

Provide context for every correction. Full sentences are preferable. For example, if you find a sentence missing a word, copy the sentence as it is in the manuscript, and then then present the correction immediately following it.

The quick brown cat jumped over lazy dog.

The quick brown cat jumped over the lazy dog.

This way makes it easy to use the Find command in the software to quickly locate the problem and efficiently see the solution in context. Every type of error should be similarly presented, be it missing words, misspelled words, punctuation issues, missing quote marks, incorrect name usage, etc. etc.

Do not…

  • Use page numbers, paragraph numbers, or line number to locate errors in the book.

  • Present an error without providing the fix (ex. there’s a word missing in this sentence)

  • Ask us to come up with a solution for an error (ex. there’s a word missing in this sentence, got any ideas?)

  • Give us multiple options for fixing an error and expect us to choose “the best one” (ex. put “the” or “a” before “lazy”)

  • Provide a non-contextual explanation on how to fix an error (ex. put a “the” between “over” and “lazy”)

Post-publication fixes to the manuscript are billed at an hourly rate (with an hour minimum charge) and these recommendations will make the process easier, and your bill smaller.